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The Raven Diaries
Documenting the lives of wild ravens.

Welcome to The Raven Diaries where we celebrate all life, through the raven. Our goal is to share the magic and beauty this incredible world has to offer. Take a good look at our web-sites and if you like what you see, please, get involved in the wild life!


We've taken thousands of stills
All are untouched originals and most
are Hi-Resolution and ready to download JPEG's.

Free Samples On Public Pages!

The Raven Diaries is an evolving
film project, a virtual video diary
of our experiences with these
fascinating birds.

Bob, Huey & Me Movie Clip
(Quick Time Player free download here!)

The story that started our raven escapades, "Bob, Huey & Me" is available on DVD and in book form which may be purchased at an online e-store called CreateSpace (red links) or at Amazon.com (blue links).

Stories for "kids" of all ages who enjoy animals that play and love people!

Bob, Huey & Me movie is free online in quality .mov (iPod) version when you join!

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