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Rick's Raven Videos
and maps of raven families Crystal Cove State Park, Newport Beach, CA

Love animals? Want to know more about them? The Raven Diaries just may be the most complete privately funded raven project on the planet. And they're just beginning! Learn the difference between crows and ravens (it's huge!), find where and how they live. See the many other animals they share territory with. On this page Raven Rick shares a number of short subject videos he's put together both on You Tube and some extras below, to let you see a little more of the life of the raven. Expect this section to be constantly expanding and changing. And if you enjoy maps, you'll find some at the bottom of this page.

The Raven Diaries Series Trailer

First - Ok here's the biggy, Ravens and Crows are very different! See the physical differences on this video.

Ravens Vs. Crows!
See and hear the difference between ravens and crows!

Our Movie Trailers

Rick's spent decades studying these marvelous birds. If the Guinness Book of World Records recognized the most video shot by a human being about ravens, he'd win. But for good reason, Rick says, "no other animal in all nature that has more personality". His movies go into the details showing you the way they live, relate to other animals, and raise their families. Here's links to our You Tube trailers for some of our movies;

Interesting Raven Behavior!

Ravens Play!
Ravens seem to be one animal that plays even into adulthood. Above you'll see two babies
that have only been flying a couple of weeks put on quite a show over about a half mile.
Scene taken from The Raven Diaries Part 4's Crystal Cove Project.

Below you'll see ravens even play with things that would like them for lunch.


Rick claims the Raven is without a doubt the most playful animal on the planet. This dive you'll see is strictly raven and no other creature does such a dive for what seems to be fun, pure fun! Others have interpreted this move as "territorial" but Rick disagrees. He's recorded both sexes doing it, one right after another. The males tend to do it more often and the actual dive is longer and perhaps a bit more robust. But ravens of most all ages do it, or at least a shortened version of it and many birds, outside their own territory do this dive, sometimes repeatedly.

Teaching young ravens to collect sea glass!
Rick got them to come down and dig in the sand,
they actually uncovered a number of pieces of sea glass!

Playing with Ravens!
A clip from our movie "Bob, Huey & Me" the story of a baby raven raised to be wild.
This was one of the most difficult shots to re-create in the movie, getting a wild baby raven
to "play" with a purple pool float. They don't like "snake" shaped objects!

See how fast baby ravens grow!
When pointing out the baby ravens Rick always get "that's a baby?"
Ravens grow incredibly fast, see them at; 3 days, 8 days, 18 days and
then actually flying when they are just 20 days old! Footage taken from the
Raven Diaries Crystal Cove Project Year 3

See how fast baby ravens learn to fly!
There's two different sets of kids in this video. The
first has been flying 24 days, the second only 11 days.

People ask, "Do you still see Huey?"!
A special visit on a special day.

An April 2011 Crystal Cove Update - 4 in the nest

An April 2011 Crystal Cove Update on the kids flying skills

Ravens at sunset dividing up nesting territory February 2011
There are many ravens in this particular area. In late winter / early spring they begin
battling to divide up their territory for the next season. Most end up with the same territory
as last year but some couples change both nesting site and territory.

A June 2010 Crystal Cove Update on the kids flying

Some of the animals Ravens share territory with!

An Osprey Hunting!
Rick finds the Osprey as one of the most strikingly beautiful birds in the sky!

Watching Blue Whales from shore
These were hard to identify at first, we have grays often but this was different!

Great Blue Heron & friends on the beach in February 2011.

Sea lions and seabirds on a brilliant March day on the beach in 2011

Raven chicks already! March 2011
Check out the "dive" at the end on the video!

Checking out the nests and watching Grey Whales from shore
Numerous spouts and little hard to see but if you look close,
a grey whale breaches twice at 1:46 and 2:11.

Special Feature - Ravens of the West!

2010 Tour - Zion & Bryce Utah!
Beautiful country, stories and close-ups of jabber box birds.

2010 Tour - Grand Canyon on North Rim!
More beautiful country, stories numerous other animals and the ravens. They closed the roads
into Cape Royal Point so they had this beautiful part of the park all to themselves for hours.
Normally, it's one of the more visited places on the North Rim.

2010 Tour - The Grand Canyon's South Rim!
Time with the elk, condor #33, and other animals, and of course more ravens.

2010 Tour - Sedona, Arizona!
Crayfish hunting and screaming baby ravens playing in big white puffy clouds in the Arizona Desert.
Listen to a new raven call Rick hadn't heard before! And you'll see why ravens like him so much!


The following videos are not on You Tube and you'll need a player that plays .mov files.
The Quick Time player is what they use and you can get one for free here:
The Quicktime player from apple.

Raven Pizza!
You can learn a lot by watching somebody when they are eating.
The same goes for ravens!

Ravens pass things!
Watch as this raven passes it's toy from it's beak, then grabbing and carrying
it in it's claws, then passing it back to the beak back and forth. It's been said
the raven is the only bird to do this.


Here's a log of more shorts showing Raven Rick's activity with the Crystal Cove families and their 2011 broods.

March - Moro chicks early this year!

April 14th - First Moro is out, dolphins go crazy!

April 14 th Part 2 - First Moro out and playing with sticks. Edgar gives chase.

April 21st -The Moro's are flying!


A quick log of shorts showing some of Raven Rick's activity of the Crystal Cove families and their 2010 broods.

Baby raven intro for 2010 broods

Baby raven update 5-3-10

First recorded flight of 2010

Ed & Lenore's Babs Fly Day 3

Ed & Lenore's Babs Fly Day 6

Ed & Lenore's Babs Fly Day 11

Harold & Maude's kids out 5/23/10

The Moro's Babs Fly Day 4

My Bab's Learnin' To Fly!

Maps of the areas I study

MAPS - Meet my friends!
Rick love maps, and here's a set of maps showing the ravens he's been studying for the last
six years. Included is a short introduction to each family.

Map with each family's yearly brood count!
So far kid count has been from 1 to 6 to a brood!

Want the maps? Free PDF here!

Raven Rick the sea glass guy!